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Why the right voiceover artist could boost your business

A magical combination of tagline and voiceover can truly bolster a marketing campaign. And with leading IT company Cisco Systems predicting that 80 per cent of internet traffic will be video-based by 2020, now’s the perfect time to enhance your business with a voiceover.

“In a world… which time forgot… a hero will rise…” Made famous by voiceover artist, Don LaFontaine, that classic film trailer intro (or variations thereon) featuring a voice as deep as the Mariana Trench, is one of the best-known examples of the craft, instantly recognisable to cinemagoers the world over. And from the earliest days of sound, advertisers have called upon the power and intimacy – or in LaFontaine’s case, depth – of the human voice to connect with listeners and sell their products.

For a certain generation of telly viewers, the late, great Brian Glover will forever be associated with Tetley Tea (“Let the flavour flood out”) and Allinson bread (“wi' nowt tekken out”); while for several decades Tom Baker’s incredibly distinctive tones have helped promote everything from Fairy Liquid to Zanussi and the Keep Britain Tidy campaign. Meanwhile, the splendidly eccentric British actress Miriam Margoyles won even more admirers and recognition after tonsilling the sexy Cadbury Caramel Bunny (“Hey Mr Beaver, why are you beavering around…?”)

That perfect combination of voice and tagline can prove irresistible, and arguably the right VO can lift a campaign into the stratosphere. With recent reports that the future of web traffic is going to be video-based in the main, the advantages to the business community of a professionally voiced campaign are immediately clear:

  • Whatever your brand objectives are, a VO can bolster your campaign. A professional voiceover artist can colour your message any way you want – sincerity, authenticity, excitement: you name it!

  • Tech-wise, VOs can also means higher Google rankings and more social media shares. Explainer videos have more chances of being found on a search engine and when placed on a homepage they can turn more visitors into customers by up to 65 per cent.

  • You can manage your brand though the voiceover you create. You reflect the customer in the voice you book, or the demographic you want to target.

It’s worth shopping around for the right voiceover artist - we all have websites with demos you can listen to and videos to watch. There you will hear our skills: our different accents and range. Look for voiceover artists who can convey your company’s message through infographics, training manuals and internal comms needs. It’s also worth looking to see if they have a voiceover studio and ISDN line at home.

As audio content producer Chris French says “By having the facility to record in their own home, at any time of the day, voice talents will be in a position to offer more. This means greater productivity and faster turnaround, which also means cost-savings for the client.”

I installed a studio in my home last year and totally agree - it’s allowed me to provide a quicker, more efficient service for all my clients. Win, win, as they say.

If you would like me to quote on your business project, please contact me here

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