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About Natalie

Ever since I was a little girl using my hairbrush as a microphone I knew, at some point, I’d end up performing.

Crikey, I can talk! 

I would always watch those Saturday morning cartoons and mimic the characters; my parents used to listen and wonder why.

I still mimic characters, but now I do it for a living.  Whether that's in the booth or the volume.


Whilst my career initially took me down a different path to the BBC as a Broadcast Journalist, a successful audition with the world-renowned theatre company Frantic Assembly reignited my love of the arts and being creative. This led to me starting up as a professional voiceover in 2015 and acting almost followed as a natural progression in my love for performing.   


Both my actor and voiceover training informed both genres and has taught me how to lift the words from the page and into your imagination.

Happy VO clients include:  BBC, Audible, Creo Medical and BAE Systems.

Please have a listen to my voice reels or watch my acting showreel, to see if I can help with your next project.

My voice profile

  • PITCH: female (30-40)

  • TONE: natural, chatty, down-to-earth, warm

  • ACCENTS: Midlands, RP, General Northern, Gen AM, General Scottish, Glaswegian, Scottish Highlands

  • STYLE: down-to-earth, relatable, trustworthy 

Home studio

I have my own home studio with Source Connect and Cleanfeed – I can also get to London in just 55 minutes.  I can turn work around quickly and efficiently, and I regularly take coaching sessions, workshops and training days to ensure I’m always at the top of my game.​

"Working with Natalie was a pleasure! We were working under a tight time frame and specific instructions from our client. Natalie was responsive and flexible with our needs by providing recordings within a day turn around and a couple options to choose from as well."

Helene Matson, Studio 216

The studio dogs!

The most important addition to my studio are the dogs! You may see a lot of Teddy and Hamish on my social media, but you'll never hear them in my audio. They're very well trained!

Teddy and Hamish Studio dogs.jpg
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