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Need a presenter? 
Look no further.

During my 12 year career , I have presented on BBC Radio Northampton and BBC Radio Leicester, in both news and sport as well as the odd news reading shift at 5 Live.

My first time presenting was at the BBC when I was asked to do the paper review on Up All Night for BBC Radio 5 Live. On leaving the BBC, I have presented a number of corporate webinars and instructional videos both live and recorded.


I have experience of reading from an autocue as well as thinking of scripts “on the hoof” and recording as I go. 

Presenting experience

In addition to my presenting experience, I was also a university lecturer for several years so became very experienced at delivering material to a diverse audience on a regular basis.  This included delivering lectures and workshops with student engagement at the forefront - never an easy task!

Past clients include Jaguar Land Rover and SalesForce Webinars. 

TIBCO Salesforce Webinar

Sample of a live webinar I presented.  Acting as the moderator in this one-hour session, I used autocue, took questions from the virtual audience and even coped with the set falling down!

Let me know if I can help you with your next presenting project.

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