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Corporate Narration

Explainers, medical, e-learning

Looking for someone to be the voice of your business or explain what you do or sell? This is something I can help you with. 

Natalie Chisholm - CorporateReel (2)
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Whether you need someone to be down-to-earth and relatable to your workforce, or a more formal, authoritative delivery, my style and tone is just what you are looking for. I regularly lend my voice to videos for banks, medical companies and manufacturing, amongst others.

"Natalie is more than a great voice. She is a joy to work with, a great presence and very flexible. Our projects are often with multiple stakeholders all listening in, and Natalie is able to adapt her style, tone and accent on request, with great subtlety and effect. This results is many options, where every client of ours is always happy at the end of a record, and our project. No wonder she is the voice our clients keep asking for."

Alex M-V, Visual London

Past projects

Here's some work I did earlier. Please feel free to have a listen and see if I could be the voice of your next project.  Or ask me for a bespoke sample.

Corporate Explainer

Listen to a corporate explainer video I voiced.  Just one in a series for one of Italy's largest banks, Intesa San Paolo

Invest in Nottingham

A short video promoting Nottingham.  The client requested an East Midlands twang. 

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